The Best Cleaning Items You Need For Your Home

The Best Cleaning Items You Need For Your Home

When you are cleaning your home, it is important to stay organized. Being able to clean hands-free is a great way to leave your lot more time to enjoy yourself. There are some items that can make your cleaning life easier and even more fun.

The following items are also just a few of the many items that can help you to clean with less stress.

• Cleaning Rake

Any household that has a decoration like a painting or statue on the wall can benefit from a cleaning rake like these. You can clean underneath and around decor and tables. The easiest way to clean your home and your living room is using a bow rake or vacuum. These can be found at a local rental supply store.

• Rubber Sponges

Rubber sponges are the best cleaning tools that you can find. A small handheld vacuum like the Vacuum Wasp 4 lame or Vacuum optimal (not enough elbow room) can be found at a local rental. These are excellent tools (about $75 for a Vacuum Wasp 4 lame) but a cheap options would be to stack rubber under the sink then use a small broom, or use an old soft brush until it is red like worn out.

• Newspaper

Newspaper is also a great cleaning up tool. If you have a few accidents make sure to remove the daily newspaper from the kitchen. You can go around the edges of the paper and pile them up inside and outside the house. Piles of newspapers are fertilizer for your garden.

• Hamper

A hamper is a great tool to use for getting rid of trash and also tons of other items that accumulate in your home. Instead of just tossing garbage away when you get rid of it, put it in a hamper. Have a few bowls for cleaning items at the same time rather than in one hamper.

• Towel

Having a towel at hand can be an added bonus during cleaning time because it will help you be more efficient! Take a minute and pick up some pom poms to throw on the towel for your home. The towel can be used as a comfortable sitting area while cleaning and at the same time it is a clean towel. Use a little elbow room when you sit on it because it gets wet much easier than you see.

• Cleaning Brush

A cleaning brush can be found at a local drugstore/medical supply store for $3.00 or less. This toy has a very hard surface with a wide variety of bristles and is the best investment you could make. It could be used to clean a lot of places and is a great product to keep in your home when you are cleaning for the first time and you are not sure if you need to clean. You can also save money because most of these brushes are made of good quality plastic and are going to last for years.

All cleaning products are not created equally and the ones listed above are recommended because they are dishwasher safe. If you have a hard time taking the brush to the sink or wet spot, there are other brushes to choose from. You can get a very effective “cleaning” brush by purchasing the Olivia brush head and a water-proof brush at the same time.

When you are starting out the house cleaning ordeal chances are your first time around you are going to make a lot of mistakes and find at the end that it is not that bad. With each mistake, you will learn from them and try not to make the same mistake again. So giving yourself a little time each day to brush up on your house cleaning skills will pay off in the end. Have fun!


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