How To Get Closer to Other Family Members?

How To Get Closer to Other Family Members?

According to researchers, family ties can play a significant role in our emotional health. Unfortunately, many of us out there have lost touch with family members or feel estranged from them. But does it mean we can’t get closer or try to mend that relationship? Family history and long-lost family/obituaries can help.

Everyone longs for family connections, but sometimes family histories are hard to uncover. We all have family members who have died, but we are often unaware of who they were. Sometimes, through DNA, we can uncover old relatives. Grandparents, parents, aunts and uncles, and even distant cousins – if you know your family members, you have a better chance of connecting with them.

One of the fun things about technology these days is how quickly you can send electronic communications around the world. If you haven’t been exchanging emails with your relatives, now would be an excellent time. I know it’s simplified your life considerably but be forewarned: your family may be just as intrigued by you as you are by them.

Here’s How to Get Closer to Other Family Members:

  • Let Yourself Be Known.

Many of us would love to know more about our family members; where they grew up, what they did for a living, if they got married and had children, and what their hobbies were. Unfortunately, many family members are often reluctant to talk about a time in their lives that was, as my father puts it, “not so good.” Family history research allows you to uncover the skeletons in your family tree, the tales, and secrets that your family has been hiding from you.

  • Send Them Pictures or Photos.

You could include a recent photo or an old photo of a family member.

  • Go To Them for Advice.

There are many benefits to having a family: A positive social network, additional family support, and the chance to share in someone’s joys and sorrows are just a few. However, sometimes family relationships grow strained, and you may feel distanced from other family members. If this is the case, you may be thinking of reconnecting with family members that you have not seen in years. With that being said, if you have never reconnected with any of your family or cannot locate your only living grandparent, you may not know how to begin your search. Moreover, if your grandparents are living in an assisted living facility like Chelsea Senior Living (, for example, you can visit them and spend some quality time. Since you rarely get to meet your grandparents, such instants might become the most treasured moments of your life.

  • Inquire About Your Family’s History.

Family history is an essential part of the genealogy puzzle and finding out about yours can help you understand where your roots are and who your ancestors were. You can find out what names your relatives had, where they had their children, and where they were born. You can learn if any of your relatives served in any wars, and you can even find out where they lived and when.

  • Stay in touch.

Contact family members and let them know what is going on in your life. It can be something as simple as a “hello” or a phone call to check in.

  • Write a Letter.

Write a letter to your family members. You could write a letter about what has happened since you last saw each other. You can talk about your day or something that happened at work or school.

  • Face to Face.

You can make plans to see each other. Visit with your family members if you have the opportunity to do so.

  • Stay Connected.

You can also set up a schedule for communication. For example, you can call your siblings once a week.

  • Send a Gift

Send a gift from home.

  • Offer Support.

Offer to help out with chores or offer to do their grocery shopping.

Family history is a treasure trove of information about your ancestors and your family. It can tell you so much about how your family lived, what they ate, what diseases they had, and how they died. Your family history can also tell you about your distant relatives. Knowing about distant cousins can help you build new connections, learn more about your family history, and provide more clues about your ancestry.

Family ties are profound and being in touch with them is such a rewarding experience. However, finding long-lost family members can take time and money. The task of locating a long-lost family can seem overwhelming, but the process is pretty simple.


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