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What Ali sees is a blog about life and motherhood. A place for moms looking for support and understanding. For real life superheroes expecting reliable advice on health and child care.


The idea for this blog was born in the minds of a few moms, who by chance managed to meet on one of our walks in the Canadian woods. Our trips together became more and more frequent and turned into meetings over coffee and in playrooms with the kids. It was then that we came up with the idea of creating a platform for communication between moms, where you can not only meet other moms but also find solutions to your baby-related problems and questions.

Ali Jones

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Mommy Makeovers Gain Popularity

Mama makeovers are corrective medical procedure methods that help support ladies’ certainty, revive their appearance, and fix harmed muscle and skin that can happen during pregnancy and birth. Mom makeovers have been around for a long time, however have as of late seen resurgence in notoriety….

How to Make the Best Use of Your Loft

Homeowners with soaring levels of storage will have more space for keeping things rather than less space for collecting things. Loft conversions are in vogue these days because of innovative storage and shelving ideas that can turn the loft into a stylish extra bedroom, office or music room…

The Best Cleaning Items You Need For Your Home

When you are cleaning your home, it is important to stay organized. Being able to clean hands-free is a great way to leave your lot more time to enjoy yourself. There are some items that can make your cleaning life easier and even more fun.The following items are also just a few of the many items that can help you to clean with less…