I’m Ali. A wife, a mother of a wonderful son, awaiting the birth of the second baby, and professionally a master of pharmacy. A little bit out of passion, a little bit out of desire to have a prestigious and respected career. Therefore I can write about what to treat the baby with and what to avoid. About what works and what is safe. What questions to ask at the pharmacy and what to ask the doctor. I hope that my articles will become valuable advice for you.

I want to show that motherhood does not require you to abandon your dreams and career. On the contrary – it can be great fun, and only the mindset decides what our day looks like.

I am also interested in fashion. Stylish mom, fashionable child – that is the image of a modern woman. Every day you can follow us on Facebook and Instagram, where you will find photos of my little gentleman.

I highly value and support local manufacturers. I believe that their products can be as beautiful as those from international companies. They are created with passion and special attention. They have a number of certificates, which emphasize quality and safety. That is why I mainly publish opinions, tests and reviews of products by our domestic companies.

What Ali Sees and wants you to see

What Ali Sees is a blog for women who want to celebrate their children growing up together. For everyone who appreciates beauty, aesthetics and minimalism. A source of inspiration in interior design. A place where you like to look, where you can see something. You will find here everything from gadgets and toys to fashion for the smallest ones.