10 Tips for Elderly Care at Home for Seniors and Aging Parents

10 Tips for Elderly Care at Home for Seniors and Aging Parents

When your parents turn 65, it’s usually an exciting time. They can finally retire, travel more, and spend more time with their grandchildren. But there’s a downside: your parents are now at greater risk of needing help around the house. Caring for aging parents doesn’t have to be stressful, though, and there are ways you can use technology to make it easier.

Medical Care

Maintaining their health throughout their life can help boost their overall well-being and enhance their quality of life. For seniors with chronic conditions, home care allows them to receive regular medical care while also having independence.

Social Care

However, despite this, caregivers need to take care of themselves as well, not just for the sake of their aging parents but for themselves as well, as caring for an older adult can be physically and emotionally draining.

Practical Support

Caring for your parents can be hard work. As they grow older and their health declines, they need more assistance with day-to-day tasks, such as help with bathing and grooming, eating, gathering groceries, and getting dressed. But, as parents get older, they may lack physical or mental skills that would allow them to care for themselves.

Emotional Support

While seniors who want to remain at home need to maintain as much independence as possible, they also need some additional support and assistance—especially when their health begins to decline.

Financial Support

Many people view long-term care as an expensive government program fraught with difficulty. Many believe the only options are a nursing home or an assisted living facility. But true long-term care is for seniors to remain in their homes and communities as long as possible.

Legal and Insurance Support

From having to take care of your grandchildren while your wife or husband is at work to needing an extra set of hands in the kitchen, you may face many unique challenges as you age. Fortunately, some organizations offer legal and insurance support for seniors.


As a senior, you know the transportation changes that can occur as we age. The availability of rides from your adult children or grandchildren to doctor appointments, social events, or the grocery store may become scarce. When seniors live alone, they may also feel isolated and unable to get out. Despite these challenges, transportation for seniors is important. In fact, it’s part of many Healthy Aging initiatives.

Referrals to Other Support

Caregiving can be overwhelming, and seniors often look for other ways to get help from family, friends, and the community. Often, caregivers are looking for professional assistance and find that referrals to support services can help.


Seniors often have little to do during the day, so volunteering can be a good way to add purpose to their lives. There are many volunteer opportunities for seniors that can supplement other interests they may have.

Professional Help

Your parents get older. Your parents need extra care. You’re concerned about your parent’s health. Is residential care the best option for your aging parent? If so, where do you start? If residential care isn’t an option or you need more information, here is a list of professional resources for helping your parent.

When a loved one starts to show signs of aging, it can be difficult to know where to turn. It’s not always feasible for older people to live in a nursing home or assisted living facility full-time, so finding an alternative to a nursing home or assisted living facility that takes into consideration your loved one’s individual needs is essential.

Fortunately, there are some things you can do at home to help your loved one age in place. Some of these tips include giving your loved one the freedom to choose their own clothing, ensuring your home is a safe environment and hiring a caregiver to assist in your loved one’s home.


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