How to Deal When Someone Criticizes Your Parenting Style

How to Deal When Someone Criticizes Your Parenting Style

Parenting styles differ from one parent to another. And it would be exhausting and sometimes annoying if there are other people who criticize our parenting style to our children. Probably some of us may have different approaches on how to impose things to our children at home. These approaches may not be confirmed by other parents. Some of our strategies and ways may not be acceptable to other parents.

Parenting is a deeply personal journey, and it can be challenging when others criticize your approach. Firstly, it’s essential to recognize that every child is unique, and their needs vary. Your parenting style may also depend on your child’s developmental needs. Children struggle with various things throughout their lives, and being sensitive to their needs is essential. For instance, if your child struggles with a lisp or a stutter and if someone questions your parenting choices regarding Speech therapy, take a moment to reflect on the progress your child has made and the professional advice you’ve received. Remember that you are actively seeking the best for your child.

If ever there are some critics who impose their ideas and opinions on us, how do we respond to that? Some of us are getting annoyed. Some are trying to understand their insights. Some of us may seem unease but still don’t care about what other people say. But how can we properly deal with when someone criticizes our parenting styles? Well, in this article, you will be guided on how to manage or deal with other people when they started to impose their opinions about our ways of parenting.

Here are the two options that we should do as a response for criticizing our parenting styles or confronting us while giving their unsolicited pieces of advice:

1. The first option on how to respond to them is to say something that is not harsh to their senses. Perhaps we could say some things like “Thanks, I will keep your suggestion in my mind,” or we can just wear our prettiest smile as we agree on what they have said. It’s just like we tend to listen to their ideas and think about something from a deeper perspective. Just to cut the story or make the story short, we can just conform to what they are trying to suggest about parenting. After all, it’s up to us, parents, on how we strategize something or showcase our parenting skills. Of course, we always think about the best things for our children; so, our decision will always support the way we make our parenting approaches.

2. The second thing we may do once they criticize our parenting approaches is to engage and educate them based on what we perceive is right. This allows us to explain our rationale, particularly if our children are undergoing specialized care, such as autism therapy for instance. But as much as possible, never engage in a full argumentation and debate pertaining to parenting skills or ways. If they want to listen to our perceptions, we may continue educating them based on our own ways of parenting. But if they are not interested anymore in what we say, then let’s pause for a while and rest our case. It would be better to remain silent than to engage in a full debate without positive results.

Either of these two options is right based on the situation. But if we opt for an engaging discussion, then see to it that we will monitor our tone of voice. Let’s make sure that we do not turn the tables, passing our ideas and judgment on the parenting styles which are different from ours. Let’s always respect their decisions and ideas pertaining to how they do the parenting for their kids.

Things to Ponder When Someone Criticizes Our Parenting Skills and Approaches

Whether we like it or not, there are some instances that some people may criticize our way of parenting. If this happens, it would be better to stay calm and remember these things:

• As parents, we are not obliged to please or agree with those people who criticize our ways of doing things. If at some point, we feel that we’re confused about what to do, then we may probably ask some pieces of advice from others. However, we are not forced to please them or even agree on everything that they will say. After all, it’s still up to us whether we believe in them or not. Let’s listen to their opinions based on experiences. Perhaps we can get something useful based on their previous doings.

• Always focus on better relationships. Just ignore them if they say something negative and accept their suggestions or notions if we think that what they have said is just and acceptable.

These are some of the best ways on how we can respond to the criticisms of other people. Let’s always decide what is right for our children. Our parenting skills will never be wrong if we know by ourselves that we love our children more than we love ourselves.


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