The Best Ways To Do Math Revision

The Best Ways To Do Math Revision

For sure, a lot of you would agree that Math is one of the dreadful subjects. I even remember I almost hate numbers when I was a kid. However, I know I can never escape that subject.

After identifying and understanding my weakest and strongest topics, I start planning out how I want to revise. And in a tough paper like Maths, I do not solely rely on my textbooks. I try to practice as many problems as I can and even from various resources like NovoJolt, for instance. Certainly, in maths, there is no limit.

Do Some Initial Assessments

I do not hurry on my Math revisions, so I do an initial assessment. The first thing that every student should do is to figure out how to focus on their revisions. This assessment serves as a past paper or mock exam to me. The best thing about it is that I get key insights about the areas I do well and other areas I should focus more on.

After identifying and understanding my weakest and strongest topics, I start planning out how I want to revise.

Check the Answers

I make doing mock exams a habit and check my answers. I feel a little frustrated if my score is low, but I did not lose confidence. Every time I make mistakes, I determine and understand what I went wrong.

Students must understand that the errors might be because of the fundamental misunderstanding in our brains which we have to get sorted during our revisions. Whenever I don’t understand the mark scheme, I ask for my friends or teacher’s help.

Set a Timetable

In doing math revisions, we need to be strict with ourselves, and planning our time and learning would help. I usually make a time stable and ensure to stick to it when making revisions. That timetable helps me improve my self-discipline.

As I structure my day, I easily improve the efficiency of my revision. I also ensure that all the critical materials are covered before my exams. i suggest that students should make a timetable that suits their schedules.

Consider the Theory

I have noticed that in most cases, Math exams require a revision for formulas, proofs, and theories. That is why I read back through my revision books, syllabus guides, and lectures notes to identify what knowledge I need for my exams.

Concentrate on the Weaker Topics

I feel relieved if I finish the topics I have a good grasp on with ease. However, it does not necessarily mean that I should forget about the weaker topics. After all, an exam does not have one type of question.

I use my time starting with the questions or topics I struggle with most during revisions. That way, I acquire more time to understand and solve them. I also do not hesitate to ask for help when needed. Then, I do some refresher sessions on the topics I grasp better on.

Practice Questions

Reading the theories is not enough when it comes to Math revisions. I have to do as much practice as possible. While students can take advantage of text math exercises, the questions there are less complicated than the actual exam papers.

A mock exam is always helpful, but I sometimes get surprised after discovered that the exam papers are more advanced and complicated than what I practiced.

Yes, textbooks help me get valuable ideas about the things I need to cover alongside the basic topics. However, I still need to expand what I have learned and acquire more complex examples. That way, I can get the higher scores I want.

I also sometimes go online to learn math through lesson plans. Sometimes, if I struggle with a practice question, I find that looking through different sources can help me grasp the concept better.

I always look for a varying set of exam questions and ensure that those questions are not found in the same textbooks. Then, I also try advanced papers.


Math revisions are stressful. So, we have to take regular breaks. Remember that trying to absorb to much information in a short period, we only end up having a hard time remembering all the things we have practiced, covered, and learned. If there new topics, I take a break between them. It helps me clear my mind and prevent frustrations.

See? A math revision should not be a nightmare for us. There are always ways how we can get high scores in Math exams. Every time you feel hopeless with your Math subject, do not hesitate to try the tips above.


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