Handling Your Child Moving from Daycare to Schooling

Handling Your Child Moving from Daycare to Schooling

It has never been an easy task for parents to handle their child moving from daycare to schooling. For most school-aged kids, this transition period is stressful. The concept of having new friends, classrooms, and teachers is a new environment most kids often don’t want to experience.

As parents, I make sure that my kids understand that this environmental change is normal. Therefore, they don’t need to worry about it. Kids may face a set of challenges when moving from daycare to schooling since they need to adjust to these changes. With the help of the parents, these kids can cope up with this schooling transition.

Let me share with you some ways on how I handle my child moving from daycare to schooling, and here they are:

  1. Allowing My Children to Explore – Even though it might be one of the best charter schools in jacksonville or nearby areas, exploring a new environment can sometimes feel intimidating for most children. If my kids feel stressed about this new environment, let it be. I allow them to feel that way because it’s normal. Though the feeling of stress is common in a new environment, I make sure to address this kind of issue. I use this opportunity to talk to them, have some parent-child talks, and make them feel that I am always here for them.
  2. Lessen My Kids Tasks – Kids in new educational setups are overwhelmed with their new teachers and schedules. To make things easier for them, I don’t give them extra pressure. I limit their tasks at home, and I slowly allow them to play outside with our neighbors and friends.
  3. Be Connected with Fellow Parents – During school meetings, I always make it a point to reach out to other parents. I talk to them about my kids, the usual activities, and the like. Having people who know exactly what I am going through can actually support and help my kids find other students who are new to the school.
  4. Stay Connected with My Kid’s Teachers – As a hands-on parent, I always talk to my kid’s teachers to know how my kids perform in school. I also discuss my concerns with my kid’s teacher and for their valuable feedback. School teachers are there to help my kids, and therefore, I am certain that they will always do everything to nurture and guide my kids. Most of the best private schools in houston and elsewhere have strong parent communities that collaborate with the teaching staff to make the children’s lives at school much easier, so a tip would be to find one that does.
  5. Schedule Playtime with My Kids – Though I am quite busy, I never fail to reach out to my kids. My kids and I go to the playground, play some stuff, or even go to the malls to have fun. Since these places tend to have equipment like swing sets and outdoor trampoline, kids usually love to go to these places. Also, my kids truly appreciate these family activities. My kids also learn the value of making friends with others.
  6. Keep the Old Routine – Change must be done gradually. If my kids have a special routine before going to school, I will not change it. I keep the same routine to make things easier for them.
  7. Read Books Together – Reading books about school transitions and any related topics is also an excellent option. Through this, my kids will understand why they need to move daycare to school, why they need to have new teachers, why they need to meet new friends, and many more. If need be, you can also approach children’s book ghostwriters for hire and make them write on the topic and read it out for your kid. This way you would also be able to control the narrative that your child would read and understand.
  8. School Tour with My Kids – My kids are quite worried about their new school. So, I make sure that I tour them to make them feel more confident at comfortable.
  9. Be Patient – Kids need ample time to adjust. Therefore, parents don’t need to pressure them and must be patient. As much as possible, be considerate. Like me, I always understand my kids and ensure that I am here no matter what happens.
  10. Ask Feedback from My Kids – I can’t monitor everything my kids do in schools. Before the end of the day, I talk to them and ask about their experiences and react with their new classmates.

Handling your child moving from daycare to schooling requires a lot of time and effort. Patience is also being tested as parents tend to guide their kids. Though the process is quite hard, it is our task to help our kids.

With proper guidance and handling with our kids, we are certain that they will enjoy their new school transition. So, help your children to explore and help them adjust to their new environment for an effective learning experience.


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