The Best Toys For A 3-5 Years Old

The Best Toys For A 3-5 Years Old

When preparing for the baby’s arrival, there are plenty of things to do, including shopping for baby essentials. Whether it is setting up the nursery, buying baby essentials, or acquiring gear for eating, sleeping or diapering, there is no shortage of things to do for your child. In any case, a new mom might be surprised by how many baby supplies a newborn requires.

So are you a first-time mom like me? If so, you might have some idea as to what baby essentials you might need to purchase. But what about the toys for your kids? You may have done your research on what toys would stimulate them, excite them, even teach them, and now you want to narrow that down so you can find the best ones, this can be helped by using posts like this one, as well as going onto websites such as for additional assistance with your search.

Toys would keep our kids busy and, at the same time, develop new skills. Whether you want to teach them problem-solving skills or improve their motor skills, you can find a lot of kids and budget-friendly toys. For instance, you can surf the internet for Pokémon Booster Boxes For Sale and a trainer kit, which can be an affordable game your children can play with their little friends. The game can improve their numeric recognition and executive functioning by learning to use special cards and attack cards.

So, if you are still looking for the perfect toys for your kids, I am here to help you. Below are my recommended kid-friendly toys that I personally purchased for my kids. I hope you will like them.

Puzzle Toys

A perfect toy for kids aged 3-5 years old is a puzzle toy. It is an interesting, beneficial, and educative toy for your child. This type of kid-friendly toy will improve their memory as it requires recognizing and remembering the image they saw. You can explore puzzle games, including Disney Board Games which come with great graphics and games that can improve the cognitive skills of children.

Moreover, Disney games can also motivate your kids to enjoy the activity since kids love Disney movies. Aside from cognitive enhancement, puzzles also help to improve the imagination and memorization skills of your kid. What’s more, it also helps your child develop determination and patience by attempting to complete the puzzle.

Food Related Toys

Most kids love eating. In such cases, they tend to play with their foods instead of eating them. Because of that, we often scold them. If your kids love playing with their food, I highly recommend you gift them with food-related toys. This type of toy is essential as it helps your kids know the different kinds of foods.

Determining different colors and shapes is one skill your kids can get from this toy. Food-related toys look exactly the same as the real food it is imitating. This means that even their shape and color are almost the same.

Make sure to keep an eye on your kids when they are playing with this kind of toy.

Stuffed Toys

Stuffed toys are usually made from cloth and cotton. They are very soft and cute-looking. That’s why our kids love cuddling them. What’s more, they prefer to use it as their pillow instead of their actual pillow. This type of toy brings our children a sense of safety. That’s why they carry it wherever they go.

You can also find stuffed animals on the market these days. You can use it to improve the recognition skills of your child. Through this, they can learn the animal’s sound and name.

Stuffed toys are also available in different sizes. Some are large enough for your kids to ride on. Make sure not to let your kids play with it alone. Most stuffed toys feature small buttons, which are dangerous for your kids when swallowed.

Physical Activity Toys

This type of toy is beneficial for the physical development of our children. Physical activity toys include ball games, which our kids can play with their friends. Ball games include kicking, throwing, and running, which are great exercises for the overall development of our child.

The wooden rocking horse is also a type of rocking toy with which our kids can play even they are alone. It helps our kids to improve their balance. Wagon toys include mini bikes, which help in boosting arm and leg strength.


Dolls are human-like toys. They have the physical features a human has, including legs, torso, and head. If you have a little girl, I highly recommend you gift her a doll. They can play with it whenever they want. These days, most dolls available on the market are made from plastic and features a button that produces sound when clicked.

Art Supplies

To improve the creativity of our children, we should give them different art supplies, including glue, tape, paper, paint, and crayons. You can store these art materials in a cardboard box if you don’t have an area designed for your kid’s art station.

Kids age 3-5 years old would always love to play with their toys. Aside from playing with their friends, most kids at this age love entertaining themselves with their favorite plaything.

Toys will make our kids busy and happy. Aside from that, our kids can also learn important skills by playing with their toys. So as much as possible, we must give them only the toys they can play with and enjoy safely while learning new things they can use in the future.


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